100+ Beautiful Free Arabic Calligraphy Fonts 2014

100+ Beautiful Free Arabic Calligraphy Fonts 2014


Choosing an apt font for the desire document has become a difficult thing. Around the web there is a chain of fonts available, some are messy, topsy-turvy, baffling and below average that one almost finds oneself caught up in the net where to find a needle in the hay stack is impossible. The appearance and stance of the fonts enhances the appeal of the work making it worth seeing.

In a typography…

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Kiddie Arts by Telmo Piper

Kiddie Arts by Telmo Piper


Digital paintings based on artist Telmo Piper‘s childhood drawings. He designed these creatures at the age of 4 and now reincarnated them. Telmo is based in Rotterdam and part of the artistic duoTELMO MIEL.


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North West Walls by ROA

North West Walls by ROA


On the occasion of the music festival Rock Werchter which took place in Belgium from 3rd to 6th of July, North West Walls proposed exposure of creations from various artists curated by Arne Quinze. Among the different artists, the Belgian ROA has done very well by giving us gigantic representations of animals on different containers.

Via : inspiration-now.com

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Making a Leafy Effect for Text

Making a Leafy Effect for Text


In this tutorial, it will show you the steps used to create this leafy text effect in Photoshop. You will see the use of tree bark texture to form the basis of the text, then applying leaf texture over the text. You will utilise the chalk brush, various selection tools, image adjustments and basic dodge/burn effect.


Sans titre-1

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Making Len Flares Effect

Making Len Flares Effect

You will learn how to present exciting variations on an old theme through changing the position of the lens flares and creative use of the blending modes, brush tools and colour.


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Digital Painting Lesson:Manipulating a Zombie Cat

Digital Painting Lesson:Manipulating a Zombie Cat


The Internet loves cats. The Internet loves zombies. What if we create a mix of them both? Well that’s exactly what you’ll be creating in today’s design lesson!

Today you’ll be learning the incredibly useful skill of digital painting using a photo reference. This is a fantastic method to learn the basics of digital painting, and can really improve your design skills.

By using the reference photo…

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Mind Blowing Drawings Made On The iPhone (15 Pics)

Mind Blowing Drawings Made On The iPhone (15 Pics)


How the heck do you draw on a small iphone screen? These people must have some tiny hands or something.

Here’s how most draw with their iphones…

More awesome iphone drawings.Mind-Blowing-Drawings-Mad-On-iPhone-11 Mind-Blowing-Drawings-Made-On-iPhone-1- Mind-Blowing-Drawings-Mad-On-iPhone-15 Mind-Blowing-Drawings-Made-On-iPhone-5 Mind-Blowing-Drawings-Mad-On-iPhone-10 Mind-Blowing-Drawings-Mad-On-iPhone-6 Mind-Blowing-Drawings-Mad-On-iPhone-13 Mind-Blowing-Drawings-Made-On-iPhone-2 Mind-Blowing-Drawings-Mad-On-iPhone-9 Mind-Blowing-Drawings-Mad-On-iPhone-8 Mind-Blowing-Drawings-Mad-On-iPhone-12 Mind-Blowing-Drawings-Mad-On-iPhone-14 Mind-Blowing-Drawings-Made-On-iPhone-3 Mind-Blowing-Drawings-Mad-On-iPhone-7 Mind-Blowing-Drawings-Made-On-iPhone-4

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